Ice in the Arctic Ocean and the waters around Antarctica: a discussion of how polar ice affects Florida

Wednesday, July 5, 2023
6:00 PM

Soothe Our Souls Facility
130 126th Avenue East
Treasure Island, FL 33706

By Dr. Gregory Cutter

Both the Arctic Ocean and the oceans around Antarctica have ice in their surface waters, but the types of ice are very different and so too are their effects on the climate and conditions of Florida’s Gulf coast. This talk will use photos, some videos, and stories from two oceanographic expeditions, one to the North Pole in 2015 and the other being our just-completed research expedition to the “Southern Ocean” around Antarctica. My goal is to inform you about how far-away ice can affect your lives in Florida.

About the speaker:
Dr. Gregory Cutter is on the faculty of Old Dominion University, a state-funded institution in Norfolk, Virginia, where he is a Professor and Eminent Scholar of Oceanography. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate courses, and his research focuses on the fundamental interactions between the chemistry and biology of the ocean (one affects the other), both superimposed upon the movement and mixing of its waters – the physical oceanography. All of these combine to affect the Earth’s climate.

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