Welcome to Women Who Sail Tampa Bay

Our goal is to empower women to be confident and successful in sailing related activities. We strive to accomplish this by providing education opportunities, shared knowledge and camaraderie.


Women Who Sail Tampa Bay was created in 2015 as a subset of the international group, Women Who Sail.
Our goal is to create a safe respectful space for women sailors to share resources among ourselves and the sailing community as a whole.
Activities in the past have included:
  • Hurricane prep and survival tips and tricks
  • Hands on fire safety for your boat
  • Support of The Maiden Foundation with presentation from Tracy Edwards
  • Hands on safety with the Cortez Coast Guard
  • Discussion about favorite tools
  • Brief Overview of NMEA Networking on your boat
  • Diesel engine maintenance
  • and of course many happy hours

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In the Tampa Bay Area there are so many opportunities to further your education in the sailing/boating field. It’s never too late to learn something new!

Shared knowledge

Asking a sailing/ boating question in WWSTB is like tapping into a wealth of knowledge, just wait a few minutes and you’ll have more diverse answers than you can read. Sharing Knowledge is not just great for the person asking the question but also for all who read or provide the solutions.


WWSTB is not just an online group, it’s much more than that! Members enjoy a range of social activities including happy hours, anchor outs, themed meetings with informative speakers, day sails and competitions for fun. Come and join us.

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